Best Customer Management Software

Best Customer Management Software

Lead Management System

As the name suggests Lead management system is used to track and manage leads. Leads are referred to those individuals who are not currently your customer but could become potential customers for the company and to convert those individuals to our customers we need a Lead management system that could store all the contacts, call records, and makes notes of the same. Lead Management System helps you to collect leads and convert them to potential customers. Read More..

Opportunity Management System

Opportunity is almost the same as lead the only difference in them is a lead isn’t confirmed whether that individual is interested or not but opportunity is the next step of lead so an opportunity is a person who is interested and might have any query or something regarding that. And this helps us to convert them into sales. This software gives us a Visual Interface that could manage data like a potential customer, contacts, call logs, and also provides assistance in scheduling appointments with the sales team. Read more..

Customer Management System

It is software which is used to maintain a healthy conversation with all the customers whether old or new to develop a good business relationship. It is used to capture, research and analyze information such as customer profile, customer invoice and billing, appointment scheduling, customer quotation, and customer help desk support system. Read more..

Appointment Management System

Appointment Management System is a software module that makes it easier to book and manage appointments. It manages all the information regarding meetings/appointments to provide the best of the business and the services. Appointment Scheduling software helps you as it is flexible, affordable, generates revenue, saves lots of time, and most importantly helps you to get organized not only that it also helps a customer in various ways like rescheduling, cancel or booking an appointment scheduled. Read more..

File Management System

As the name suggests files management system is used to keep a record of files for a company makes it easy for an individual to find customer files and documents. It is used for managing documents and helps to create, organize, store and retrieve documents effectively. File Management System gives an overview of the operations in the company and allows a more consistent approach to processes. It is a useful system to store a document and collaborate to support the requirements of organizations. Read more..

Quotes management system

A quotes management system is used to design automate and do listing of the products or items and prices. Also used to create and generate quotes, email quotes, maintain bills, shipping addresses, etc. it also helps us to convert a quote into an invoice. Read more..

Invoice Billing Management System

Invoice Billing Management System helps you to keep track of multiple bills so assist you to manage, download and create, PDFs, invoices, add taxes, send emails, send SMS to the customers, and rental business invoicing solutions. With the help of Online invoice and billing software, one can view different business activities and track customer billing cycles. Read more..

Expense Management System

Expense Management systems help businesses to manage their business expenses track them and report them very effectively and efficiently. This software simplifies and reduces the efforts of administrative like automating the business expenses, elements the business expenses, and elements paper trial as well. Expense management software identifies the business opportunities and analysis expenses. Read more..

Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System sticks approach to source, store, and sell stocks, in terms of raw material and finished goods. In other words, you could say that an inventory management system is storing, ordering, and using a business inventory. Include the manufacturing of the same items as well as the warehousing and processing of such items. Read more..

User Management System

A user management system simply gives the administrator the authority on the access to manage the users or the staff in a system or software. In this system, the administrator could create or manage the users and authentic them to a limited module. Read more..

Customers Help Desk System

In the Customer helpdesk system, PHP CRM manages all the queries of the customer from request to resolve their support tickets. Customer service means providing all types of solutions from onboarding troubleshooting and upgrade upgrading customers to your product or services to answering their queries etc. Read more..

Accounting Report System

The accounting reports system is basically e the financial information or financial statements of the company that is being derived from the past accounting records of the company. An accounting report systems can also give you all the information like business transactions and operations. These are the statements that could present the financial status of the business.Read more..

GST Tax Management System

GST tax management system is a very important part of any invoice or billing software. GST tax management system is easy to use invoicing and accounting software that achieves the specific requirement of various business organizations that can track GST tax. GST software is a business system that lets taxpayers manage GST components. GST is the technological tax form that has almost all the model’s hands in online.Read more..

SMS E-mail Notification

Using SMS email notification you can send various appointment quotations and invoice messages to the customers’ phone or email. This message and quotations are predefined SMS and Emal templates under the setup section and are easy to set up SMTP email and mobile gateway in PHP CRM software. Currently, PHP CRM has Twilio and text-local in-built gateway in CRM. Read more..

CRM Software Security

CRM software security provides the functionality of managing the user activity or keep the user and customer information in a secure way. Read more..

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