Loan Management Software

Loan Management Software

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The loan management system (LMS) is an innovative, turn-key, end-to-end securities-based lending platform that connects lenders seeking high-quality, collateralized loans with borrowers requiring convenient access to credit.

What is Loan Management Software

Loan management software is geared to enhance operational productivity and deliver an exemplary customer servicing experience to micro-finance institutions. The system helps enhance the productivity enabling you to manage your customers in multiple locations through a single platform.

Importance of Loan Management Software

Loan management software is a practical application developed to keep track of all customer payments, cash flow, funds flow and lending records. Loan management software helps to accurately calculate the portion of each payment that is to be applied to interest, principal, escrow, late fees, etc.

Loan Management Software Free Download

Loan management software provides an extensive suite of report options including, account history, promises to pay, payment coupons, monthly billings, late notices, escrow balances, loan payoffs, insurance and property tax renewals, accounting reports and many interest statements.

Open Source Loan Management Software – Online Loan Management Software

Open source loan management software that satisfies the needs of small-medium businesses and helps them manage the entire loan cycle – right from the beginning to the end. This software can help businesses increase profitability parameters by structuring their loan portfolios and gain access to real-time financial data.

Online loan management software simplifies the transactions by regulating the business activities and maintaining proper financial and landing records. Loan management software consist of various modules including lending module, lender module, mortgage module, deed of trust software, loan servicing software, loan tracking and loan management module, etc.

Online Loan Management Software – Best Loan Management Software

Online loan management software system manages the database or loan information. This information is used for servicing the loans, tracking current instalment payment status and other accounting or cash flow information at the same time.

The best Loan management software builds long term clients relationship, updates database management and helps in management upgrades. It is easy to use software user friendly and powerful. It has the ability to handle conventional and non-conventional financing.

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